Students of 4th ESO from Bellvitge Secondary School visit to Ramon Muntaner school

Last Wednesday, 20th of February, 3 students from Secundary school and their English teacher came to our school to improve their oral skills in English ,was based  on a kahoot game  on famous people from the history such us Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, Pablo Picasso, Bethoven, Mercè Rodoreda among many others.

We had previosly studied their biographies and revised the past simple tense and the Questions Words ( Who, Why, What, Wich, When Where).

The oldest students  prepared a game. The youngest students worked in groups of 4 people to have to answer 15 questions about important people.

We took part with great interest and sense of enjoyment. All class participated and the winner team was composed by Joan, Samuel, Alejandro   with 15 rigth answers, but the other teams had good results too, from 10 to 15 correct answers.

Here are some images to workshop.