Lleida is in Catalonia. It is bigger tan Barcelona. It is on the Segre river. The Segre river is shorter tan the Ebro river. The population of Lleida is about 139.834 residents.The main lannguage is Catalan, but they speak Spanish too. In Lleida there are museums, cinemas, restaurants and parks. Popular places  to visit are Ibis Budget Lleida , Xtrem Bowling and Ibis Lleida.



Montreal is in Canada. It is smaller than Mont-Royal. It is on the Sant Lorenzo river. The population of Montreal is about 3.6 millions resident. The main language is English ,but they speak French Franç too.In Montreal there are museums,cinemas and restaurants.


San Sebastian is in the north of Spain. It is smaller than Los Angeles. It Is on the Urmea river. The Urmea river is shorter than the Nilo River. The populations of San Sebastian is about 180.000 residents. The main languages is are Basque and Spanish. In San Sebastian there are museums, hotels and parks. Popular places to visit are the shell, and Wind Comb. The shell is in the middle of the ocean, and the Wind Comb are near the real club of tennis.


Paris is the capital city of France. It is bigger than Lyon. It is on the Sena river. The Sena river is shorter than the Loira river. The population of Paris is about 2.200.000 (two millions two thousand) residents. The main language is French. In Paris there are museums, sights, cathedrals and parks. Popular places to visit are Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Triumphal Arch and Disneyland Paris. The Eiffel Tower is near the Louvre Museum. The Triumphal Arch is opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral. Disneyland Paris is 32 (thirty two) Km. from the center of Paris.

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Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is smaller than Barcelona. It  is on the Danubi river. The population of Vienna is about 1.712.903 (one million seven hundred and twelve thousand nine hundred three) residents. The main language is German. In Vienna there are big buildings, monuments and parks. The  palacio Schwarzenberg is near the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna.

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Jerusalem is in Palestina. It is smaller than New York. It is on the Jordan river. The Jordan river is shorther than the Nilo river Rio Nilo. The population of Jerusalem is about 44.000 residents. The main language is Hebrew, Arabic and English. In Jerusalem there are historics monuments, restaurants and monuments catholics. The Holy War has destroyed many monuments of Jerusalem.




El Cairo is the capital of Egypt . It is on the river Nile . The river Nile is shorter than the river Amazon . El Cairo is bigger than New York . The population of El Cairo is about 16 million residents . The main language is Arabe . In El Cairo there are musems,cinemas and restaurants . Popular places to visit are the Giza necropolis and the pyramid of Zoser.

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Moscow  is bigger than Berlin. It is on the Moskva river. The Moskva river is longer than the Ripoll river. The population of Moscow is about 13 milions residents. The main language is Russian. In moscow there are museums,cinemas and restaurants.

Popular places to visit are Red Square squer and Pushkin Museum. The Pushkin Museum is near Moskva river. The Red Square squer is in city center.


Venecia is in north Italy. Venecia is in Vèneto. Venecia is smaller than Atenas. The population of Venecia is about 266.181. The main language is Italian,but they speak Veneto. It is on Caalasso river. Canalasso river is bigger than Ebro river. The Canalasso river separate the city in two parts. In Venecia there are cinemas,museums and restaurants. Popular places to visit are Piazza  San Marcos, Ca’Rezzinico,Ca’d’Oro and Canalasso. The Piazza San Marcos it’s is near the Campanile di San Marcos.




Washington is in United States. It is bigger than London. It is on Potomac river. The population of Washington is about 7 milions residents.The main language is English. Popular places to visit is are The White House White .In Washington there are a lot of turism.