Iguana !!!

It isn’t a big animal. It has got four legs. It is a reptile and wild. The iguana lives in Central America,South America and Caribbean. It eats grass and flowers. The iguana climbs climbing trees.

Is it green?                        Yes,it is.

Does it eat insects?         No,it doesn’t.

Has it got long ears?        No,it hasn’t.

Does it run very fast?         No,it doesn’t

Is it a small animal?         No,it isn’t doesn’t.


Puntuació personatge misteriós

Aquí teniu la puntuació d’aquest segon el personatge misteriós:

1 ABRIL Cáceres 8
2 ELOI Carbonell 7
3 AINARA Reyes 6
  ÈLIA Vior 6
  IVAN Jérez 6
  NEREA Becerro 6
7 LAURA Solsona 3
8 ALEJANDRO Cantallops 2,5
9 CLARA Cantón 2
  JOEL Pineda 2
  JUDITH Arias 2
  MARTA Becerro 2
  MANUELA Fernández 2
14 OSCAR López 1,5
15 DÈLIA Garzolio 1
  PABLO Meléndez 1
17 ALBA Jiménez 0,5
18 IVAN González 0

I la classificació general després dels dos primers personatges misteriosos és la següent:


1 ABRIL Cáceres 18
2 AINARA Reyes 15
  ÈLIA Vior 15
4 IVAN Jérez 13
5 ELOI Carbonell 9,5
6 NEREA Becerro 9
7 DÈLIA Garzolio 8
8 PAU Gómez 7
9 ALEJANDRO Cantallops 5,5
10 CLARA Cantón 5
  JOEL Pineda 5
12 LAURA Solsona 3
13 ADRIÀ Ruiz 2,5
14 JUDITH Arias 2
  MARTA Becerro 2
  MANUELA Fernández 2
17 OSCAR López 1,5
  CLAUDIA Orenes 1,5
19 PABLO Meléndez 1
  ALBA Jiménez 1
21 IVAN González 0


Mysterious character

The mysterious character is here again. Now in English.

You can read the rules here. If you write the answer in English, you get an extra point. 😆

1.- I’m a big animal.

2.- I’ve got two wings.

3.- I’ve got a long tail.

4.- I smell really bad.

5.- I live in a cave.

6.- I run and fly.

7.- I’m very fierce.

8.- I’m green.

9.- I eat people.

10.- Saint George kills me.

I’m the Saint George’s dragon, of course.


Picture from the http://www.royalsocietyofstgeorge.com/history_of_st_george.htm



It’s a small animal. It hasn’t got legs. It has got two small horns. It is a mollusc. It drags been very slow and doesn’t jump. It lives in his shell. It eats grass. It’s not a pet.

Is it big? No,it isn’t. It’s very small.

Has it got legs? No, it hasn’t got.

Does it eat grass? Yes, it does.

Does it jump? No, it doesn’t.

It is it a pet? No it isn’t.


It isn’t a big animal. It has got two wings. It has got two antennas. The queen bee lays eggs. It flies and walks. It livens in dens a honeycomb. It is a bee.


Has it got a horn ? No,it hasn’t .

Is it small ? Yes, it isn’t.

Does it fly ? Yes,it does.

Does it eat fruit ? No, it dosesn’t.

Is it dangerous ? Yes, it is.


He tret la informació de `ABEJAS WIKIPEDIA´ i la imatge de `ASI-ESTAMOS-HOY-BLOGSPOT.COM.


I want to try Shooting. It is an individual sport. You need glasses, bullets  and shotgun. Maria Grozdeva is the world champions . Important championships are olympic Games. It is a very popular  sport. I like Shooting.


I want to try table tennis. It is an olympic sport. It is an individual sport. You need shovel, a ball and a network. Chang Sike is the world champion. It is a very popular sport in China. I like table tennis very much.

Google. Campeonato del mundo de tenis de mesa.