4 comentaris a ““Pirate’s gold”

  1. I liked the book and the journal.
    I learned about pirates and many English words like “gold”, “chariod” and “ghost.”
    The pirates are very cool story, I hope that something like that happens to me.

  2. Hi I’m Carla , I liked this book because it teaches a lot about gold .It is very interesting. The story is very cool . I recommend it to all people that you like pirates.

    By Carla

  3. Hello, I’m Claudia.
    I liked the book because it is very interesting.
    I love pirates!
    Information about gold is very curious.
    History of the book is entertaining.
    by by!

  4. Hello I’m Ainara!!!
    I liked this book very much because they explains frome were comes out the gold and it is used.
    Is interesting and very curious.
    I like the pirates.
    The book and magazine are fun.

    By Ainara!!!

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