Jerusalem is in Palestina. It is smaller than New York. It is on the Jordan river. The Jordan river is shorther than the Nilo river Rio Nilo. The population of Jerusalem is about 44.000 residents. The main language is Hebrew, Arabic and English. In Jerusalem there are historics monuments, restaurants and monuments catholics. The Holy War has destroyed many monuments of Jerusalem.




I want to try Judo. It is an olimpic sport.  You need a belt, trainers and t-shirt special. “Chelyobinsk” is the wold champion. Important champions are championship. It is a very popular sport in Japan and Spain. I like Judo.

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Italy is in south of Europe.

It’s a medium country.

The flag is green, white and red.

It’s Its capital is Roma.

Its It’s raining in autumn.

They grow grapes and wheat in Italy.

Leonardo di Caprio is from Italy.

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