The republic of Colombia is a state in south America.

It´s a medium contry.

The flag is yellow, blue and red.

It´s Its capìtal is Bogota.

In winter it´s dry, and in summer it´s hot and rains.

In Colombia they grow tomatoes, bananas, pinneapples and apple.

Shakira is from Colombia

Simon says …

Simon va ser un joc de memòria molt popular a finals dels 70 i principis del 80 que encara es pot trobar en les botigues de joguines. Ralph Baer va ser el seu inventor. També va inventar el primer videojoc a finals dels anys 60. Ralph Baer va morir la setmana passada.

Si voleu podeu provar de jugar amb el Simon. Segur que us passareu bé. Cliqueu sobre la imatge a veure quants punts podeu aconseguir.

Simon game.jpg


Italy is in the European Union. It’s a small country. The flag is green, white and red. Its capital is Roma. It’s very cold in winter and it is very hot in summer. They grow wheat, barley and cereal. Giuliana Rancic is from Italy.




This is Australia.

this It is in Oceania and it´s a big country.

The flag is blue, white and red

The capital is Canberra, in summer it is very hot and in winter is warm and cloudy.

In Australia they grow wheat, apples , oranges, grapes and tobacco.

Russell Crow and Steve Irwin are from Australia.

Russel Crow is the protagonist of the movie  THE GLADIATOR and Steve Irwin is the hunter of crocodiles.


Germany to the north by the North sea. Frase mal construïda. No té verb. Un exemple: Germany is in Europe next to the North Sea

Germany it´s a big country.

The flag is black, red and yellow.

Its capital is Müncen. The Germany’s capital is Berlin no Muchen

It´s cool in winter. In winter it’s very cold in Germany

They grow tomatoes and potatoes in Germany.

Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller is are from Germany.

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