Unit 4 Digital Project: Food Waste Infographic


Food waste is a major obstacle to food security and you can take meaningful steps to combat it.

For the Unit 4 Digital Project, you will survey people at your school about food waste, analyze the survey findings, and create an infographic to share your discoveries and reflections.

To complete the project, you will:

  • Take photos of their school meal and cafeteria
  • Take photos of food waste problems and/or solutions
  • Survey people at your school about food waste
  • Reflect on food waste problems and solutions at their school
  • Create an infographic to share the information collected, reflections, and ideas about solutions

You can use 1 of these digital tools to create your infographic:


Piktochart A program for creating charts and informational graphics.


Canva An online poster and document making tool that allows one to make professional looking infographics and presentations.

Easel.ly An easy to use infographic creation website.

Food Waste Solutions

Let’s learn about different solutions to food waste. Which solution would work best in Sant Boi / Barcelona?


Boulder Food Rescue is an NGO in Colorado (USA) working to create a fairer and less wasteful food system. They do this through the sustainable redistribution of healthy food to low-income communities.

Watch this video showing the work of volunteer Michael Benko.

  1. How long has he been volunteering for Boulder Food Rescue?
  2. What type of food does Boulder Food Rescue bring to low-income communities in Boulder?
  3. How does he transport the donated food?
  4. How many pounds of food does Boulder Food Rescue redistribute on an average daily basis?

See how the whole process works here.


Now watch this presentation to see how MIsfit Juicery is tackling food waste by turning “ugly” produce into juice.

  1. What do you think about their mission?
  2. Do you like their motto?


Learn about how one company is working with grocery stores to turn grocery store food waste into natural fertilizer.

Before watching the video, let’s have a look at some useful vocabulary.

What’s your guess on the following?

  1. Every year more than _____ million tons of food sold in retail stores never makes it to consumers.
    1. 31
    2. 41
    3. 21
  2. ________ truckloads of perishables delivered to grocery stores will be thrown out.
    1. 1 in 7
    2. 1 in 17
    3. 1 in 70
  3. At PCC Natural Markets they have over ________ fruits and vegetables.
    1. 350
    2. 50
    3. 300

Now watch and check.