Evaluating the 2017/18 Global Scholars project 2/3: The Community Action Project

As for the Community Action Project, most of you have valued it positively.

And you reckon you’ve contributed to improve your society thanks to this project.

And some of your answers to the question below:

Thanks for sharing!

Evaluating the 2017/18 Global Scholars project 1/3

Some of your answers to the Global Scholars Evaluation.

I am so glad you enjoyed working on the Global Scholars Project!

Most of you think you’ve improved your production skills (both oral and written) and the majority realize you’ve also improved your digital skills.

Organizing skype sessions is not easy and it’s hard work, but I can see it is worth.  😆 

Most of you have liked the digital projects at the end of each unit.  😎 

I do agree! Thanks to the Global Scholars Project you get to know more your city and also to learn about other cities and cultures.

And, again, I couldn’t agree more: you can learn to work better in teams while learning at your own pace.

Good to know you’ve liked our Project Blog!  😀 

And also the workshop and field trip we planned!


Global Scholars Awards Ceremony

On June 15, 2018 ESO2 students were given their GLOBAL SCHOLARS AWARDS by the School PrincipalMs. Ariadna Daura, and by the Sant Boi Town Hall Education Councillor, Ms Alba Martínez and Sant Boi Ciutat Cooperativa-Molí Nou District Councillor, Mr. Javier López.

It was a nice ceremony in recognition of the students’ hard work this year. The MCs made a great performance explaining everything we had all accomplished.

Congratulations to all and thanks to Ms. Martínez and Mr. López for making a space on her busy calendar and coming to support and congratulate us!

Let’s hope we always remember TO KEEP THINKING GLOBAL TO ACT LOCAL!

Some pics and news of the event below.

Click on this album:
Global Scholars Awards 1718