Peninsula Community Action Projects

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All groups prepared a workshop to teach primary school kids (5th grade) at Escola Antoni Gaudí.

One group addressed the content of sugar in drinks. Click on the image to find out!

Since food waste is a huge problem, the other two groups felt it was really important to spread the word to stop it!

So, one group gave a presentation on food waste and prepared a board game for kids to learn more about it: a snake & ladders game. If you waste food, you go down; but if you reuse it, you go up! Click on the image to see everything!

Another board game created by the third group in this class was a memory game. The aim of the game was to find matching pairs of food and examples of food reuse. It was a good experience and kids learned about food waste and food reuse and they also learned English food vocabulary. Check it out by clicking on the image!


Just give me the facts! About Sugary Drinks

Watch this video paying attention to its message.

What do you think?

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