To create your U3 Digital Product

Use page 53 of your Global Scholars Workbook (the ‘Make a plan’ worksheet).




You will have to create a prezi or adobe spark presentation to share with your peers in the e-classroom. [check this post for last year examples on using these tools]

Your presentation should include:

  • A front page slide with the name of your urban farming innovation, your names and your city (Sant Boi / Barcelona)
  • A slide with your 3D prototype
  • The location for your urban farm (why did you choose it?)
  • The benefits of the farming innovation you have chosen
  • The crops you will grow (why did you choose them? why do they fit our climate and culture?)
  • How you will care for your soil (if there is soil) and How you will access water
  • Some challenges you might encounter
  • A final slide (what can you include on a final slide?)

Then you will have to present it orally to our class.

Urban Farming Innovations

Vertical Farming

Text: Our Hungry Planet. Vertical Farming

Rooftop and Hydroponic Farming

Brooklyn Grange is a rooftop farm that was started in 2010 and is the largest rooftop farm in the world. They grow 50,000 pounds (22,600 kg) of organic produce each year. This 3-minute time-lapse video shows their 7-month growing season.

Sky Vegetables is a hydroponic greenhouse farm on a rooftop in New York City. Take a virtual tour of the Sky Vegetables garden with Tara from Global Scholars to learn more about Sky Vegetables and hydroponics!

Aquaponic Farming

Definition of Aquaponics