Espigoladors workshop

Check the pictures of the cooking workshop here.

These are the recipes Núria showed us how to cook:

Now you need to create a video while preparing one of these two dishes (bonus if you create 2 videos and double bonus if you create a new recipe video). You can do it in pairs or groups of 3/4.

Some resources so that you can create your videos…

Cooking flashcards

List of words used in cooking

Kitchen objects flashcards

A recipe


We are at the end of our first term improving our English while learning how our cities are fed.

So, now it’s about time to assess your term 1 Global Scholars Dossier.

Which are the characteristics of a good dossier?

Group B Brainstorming

Group C Brainstorming



U2 Digital Project: Food Environment

Explore  your food environment, create a presentation to share with your international peers.

  1. Include a map of your food environment.
  2. Include photos or video of your food environment.
  3. Include your reflections:
    • What did you notice about your food environment?
    • How easy (or difficult) is it for you to access healthy foods?
    • What improvements would you like to see in your food environment?

Presentation tools:



Adobe Spark


Google Slides

Examples of last year’s presentations using Prezi

Examples of last year’s presentations using Adobe Spark

Digital Mapping tools: 

These are free online mapping tools that allow you to use Google Maps to create digital maps.


Gasol Foundation field trip

The experience was exciting, we helped to organize the people who came to see them, for example: Jordi Roca, Manuel Fuentes, Pau and Marc Gasol, etc…. We listened to a speech from the organizers and from Pau and Marc Gasol. Then we entered to the building and we saw a class of cooking, the food was delicious!!! There was another activity: we played different games  with children from different schools, from Benviure and Llor. it was a great morning with famous people!!!

Photo album