Read labels!

Food labels contain a lot of information, but they don’t tell the whole story. Dr. Nadine Burke provides some convenient shopping tips to help us read between the lines.

  1. Watch this video and complete the following statements:
    1. You can’t make an informed choice if you don’t know what’s in your __________.
    2. Read __________, read __________, read __________; those are your 1,2 and 3.
    3. If __________ is one of the first __________ ingredients, just put it back on the __________.
    4. Vitamin water is supposed to be super __________, but one of the first __________ ingredients is __________.
  2. How are ingredients listed? What’s the 1st ingredient?

More tips here.

Dr. Nadine Burke is the Medical Director of the Bayview Child Health Center. She oversees the operations of the health center and provides care to children and youth living in the Bayview-Hunters Point community of San Francisco. Dr. Burke is also the Medical Director of Pediatric Health Parity Programs at California Pacific Medical Center. She has conducted research on food access in vulnerable communities and speaks passionately about issues such as food, health, and the environment. You can watch more videos here.

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