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WE ARE BACK!!! A new school year has started and so our project goes on. Let me remind yo u that this is the second year for our project and we can go on writing articles, sending each other pictures and enjoying ourselves. Lots of things happened last year: we started our online magazine, we met each other, we enjoyed ourselves and some left to go to another school. Maria Pallarès, Marta Batalla and Joan left to go to another town to start post-secondary education and we all (me above all) miss them. On your side, Pavlos, Mihaella, Elvira, Maria, George and Tassos. We hope they all keep in touch. Well, some have left, but we have some new members in our team. Here you can see them. Hope they enjoy our project: picture-new-team.JPG


This is the blog for our two-yeared Comenius project. We call it ‘Teenagers Lifestyles: an e-zine’. We are the Experimental Public Preliminary High School of Corinth, University of Peloponnese (Greece) and IES Aubenç, Oliana (Lleida, Catalonia). It has been created by Carolina Castro and Penny Stamou.

The idea for this project comes from an eTwinning collaboration we carried out during the 2006/2007 school year. The experience was so good we decided to take it further and this is the result.

We started it after we came back from Greece. It was such a great experience and we enjoyed it so much we would like to repeat next year! You came to Oliana in April and left on Monday 21st. Kids were so sad they would not see each other again we teachers felt sorry for them. We’ll do our best to give them another chance to meet.



Christmas is coming and we’d like to wish you all

 “Merry Christmas and a “Happy New Year!!!!!!!”

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  1. Corallia

    I was very happy that I saw again my friends and their teachers. I had a great time in Oliana and I am very sad because according to the programm we can ‘t do another trip to Spain. But fortunately our teachers saw how sad we were and they said to us that they’ll do their best to give us a chance to meet again.
    All the children gave that promise while we said “goodbye”. We don ‘t know how but one day we’ll meet again in one of the two countries!!!

  2. Evita...


    Every year almost one month before summer holidays, a frighening period starts for students: EXAMS!! . During this time of year students have to study really hard in order to pass the exams and have a nice summer. For this reason, it is a fact that the most parents “blackmail” their kids that unless they do well the exams, they won’t go on holidays. Of course, they hardly ever keep their promises. However, poor parents do whatever they can to help their children. Usually buying healthy food and trying to convince them to eat it or being quiet at home so that the students will be able to concentrate and so on. And finally when they take the results, they thank their efforts no matter what their marks are. Cool parents!!

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