Here you can leave pictures of your pets (remember little brothers or sisters do no belong to this category!!!) and tell us about them.

To begin with, let me introduce you my cat. Her name is “Minina” (although she’s registered as “Puça”, which you could translate as “Flea” because the day I found her she was covered with fleas). She’s five years old now and I could not imagine my life without her. She’s spoilt, notty, doesn’t lay on my lap but she sleeps with me every night. She likes playing with her soft balls and from time to time she destroys my plants. Here you have a picture of her:


Here you have “Taca”, Ester’s dog. She’s cute!!!


Here you have Meritxell’s hamster: Hamy


Hi! I’m Aitor and I’m here to explain you some things about my three special pets. My favourite pet is “Xuli”, he’s a budgie. He’s three or four years old, he’s very friendly and sociable. I often carry him on my shoulder, and he plays with my ear. When he feels tired, he flies away. He is very strong, he can fly for thirty seconds and more. In the morning, when I go to school, he begins to sing so sadly, because he can feel that I’m going out; when I arrive from school, he begins to sing and sing, and he often starts to flap its wings, this means he wants to be out of his cage. He likes lettuce a lot, and when we have some salad for lunch, we eat together, but you must be careful, because sometimes, when he gets angry, he can bite you! And it can hurt you!

My second pet is a dog, and I only see her once or twice a week. Her name is “Estela”, and she’s a very strong dog. She lives at my grandfather’s house, and I can’t see her every day or when I want, although I really love her. She likes chasing cats a lot, so Carol be careful, because if one day I come to Lleida with “Estela”, and she sees “Minina”, she will probably give “Minina” a fright that she will never foget. “Estela” is very intelligent and she easily feels my frame of mind.

My third and last pet is “Meu”. “Meu” was an abandoned cat and now he is one of my favourite pets. He’s a young black cat, and he is very, very lazy. He often stays in his case and he sunbathes in my grandfather’s terrace roof. I forgot to say that “Meu” lives in my grandfather’s house. Like “Estela”, I only see my cat once or twice a week. In Catalonia some superstitious people think that having a black cat is a bad thing, and it will bring you bad luck. I have had “Meu” for six months, and I can say that I’m a very fortunate boy. Well, that’s all. Bye!


Well, the classes have started again, so let’s do some work for the e-zine. First I begin explaining all the things about my animals. I have five dogs: “Nuca”, “Nina” (it means ‘doll’), “Tovi” (for Beethoven), “Boira” (as fog) and “Núvol” (as cloud), my best dog. He likes playing a lot, he runs very fast, he’s brave and he always obeys me. I also have cats, six cats: “Bigarrada”, “Mino”, “Siam”, “Linda”, “Negret” and “Garfield”, but only “Garfield” is always tame. However he’s not very clever. I have pigs, chickens, hens and rabbits, but this is another story. Finally I want to tell you two curious and amusing things. In my village there are people who have as a mascot unusual animals. A man goes walking every day with his pet: he has domesticated one of the rabbits in his farm and now it is his best friend. Another has domesticated a wild boar, and now it is his pet. He is a hunter, and when he hunted the wild boar he lost three of his thirty hunting dogs.

This is my best dog Núvol:


This is my cat Garfield:


And these are some of my rabbits:


Let me introduce you to Aris:


And this is Corallia’s REX:


Hi! I’m Marc. I have different pets: I have six cats; their names are “Xin-Xic”, “Tina”, “Neu”, “Mina”, “Ratlla” and “Candy”. Cats are my favorite pets, I like playing with them. Also, I have a dog, her name is “Xispa”. She is light brown and she likes chasing cats a lot! Xispa is approximately five. She loves running. “Xispa” is very intelligent and she easily feels my frame of mind.Before I had a bird, but he died. This was very beautiful and did a lot of company.

In the farm, I have more animals: cows, small cows, rabbies, hens, chicks, picks… My favorite are the cows because they produce milk and meat and I like playing with them.

xin-xic.jpg xispa.JPG candy.jpg

Here you have some images from Aleix’s tank (he wrote an entry as T-Koxi):



7 thoughts on “Pets

  1. Ester

    I have a dog in my house, her name is “Taca” (“Stain”). She is eight years old, approximately. I have Taca because my father’s friend had a lot of dogs. When I was seven, I had Taca once. She is happy, beautiful… My dog is white and a bit brown. She isn’t very big, but she isn’t small either. And she has got a big tail. My family and I decided to call her “Taca” because she has a lot of marks. At my grandmother’s I have got three more dogs. Theirs names are Tina, Pedreta and Bob. Pedreta is the smaller.

  2. Penny

    I’ve always dreamt of having a dog. I’m particularly fond of the big ones like German or Belgian shepherds.And then one day about six years ago, a stray puppy came to my country house. It looked like a white (grey at that time), fluffy ball nothing like what I prefer. Yet it was love at first sight.I call him “Aris” which means Mars, the ancient greek god of war because wherever he used to be looked like a battlefield afterwards. He’s still naughty, demanding, noisy but everytime he looks at me, wags his tail and lies on the floor under the desk when I work I forget everything.

  3. Marios


    I haven’t got any pictures of my dogs ‘Fortunate’ & ‘Friendell’ (‘Lucky’ & ‘Fylio’). So you’ll have to wait a long time to see them.

  4. Corallia

    Since I was a little girl I remember I wante a dog, maybe because my godmother’s dog Rozi licked me when I was a baby. Well, now I don ‘t have my own dog , but fortunately, my house is between my uncle’s, who has a dog called Rex, which means “King”. I know him since he was a little, awkward puppy. He ‘s a really beatiful dog! He is half-bred (his mother was a German shepherd and his father was a Collie). He ‘s my big love and one of my best friends (after Marios, Dimitra and Silia). Although he isn ‘t very young he ‘s mad about little snacks and he runs like the wind everytime I call him for them! He is tender and protective with his owners and all the persons he knows and loves! That ‘s all about him!!! See you!

  5. Mirela

    My dog Verdi is a black, white and brown beagle with a big white spot that looks like a question mark in the middle of his back. He is very lovable and he is one of those dogs who will lie on your feet, roll over and squirm until you give him a stomach rub!! He may be lazy but he is also trained. I have taught him the commands sit down, stay, heel and come!! HE IS AMAZING!!
    A memory from getting Verdi trained was when we took him to 2 classes where he learned all of his commands. One of the tests for stay is the instructor would roll ball past a line of dogs in stay. The first time all the dogs bolted and kept running into each other trying to get the ball. It was hilarious. Verdi is special to me because we had to get rid of my last dog and after that it was quiet and lonely. Now Verdi is here everything is the way it should be, have my friend back. It’s nice to have a friend who is never busy and who can play with me, any time I like!!

  6. T-Koxi

    My aquarium is composed of different parts: the vegetable part and the animal part.

    I love fish. One day, while I was fishing I decided to ‘create’ my own aquarium. My parents didn’t think that it was a good idea but I and my brother liked the idea very much.
    One day, while we were in Tarragona, we saw an aquarium for beginners and we bought it, but later we thought that it was too small. Then we decided to buy one of the largest, which would bring us more work but also more satisfaction.
    In the end my mother liked it and since that day she helps me to take care of the fish.
    One day I was on the Internet and I read that if you have real plants in your aquarium the ecosystem that is created is much better for the fish and they live longer.

    The animal part is composed by a great variety of fish and microorganisms that enrich the fish. In my aquarium there are about 15 different species of fish: scalar, Monjites, Neon, Plecostomus, Gurami beard Sumatra, Loch, Clown, Disc, etc. In an aquarium you can’t put species of fish at random because there are species that are not compatible or don’t adapt to the characteristics of the aquarium. In the aquarium there must be an essential fish, such as the rubbish eater, to do jobs such as cleaning the food that has fallen to the bottom of the aquarium, which eat the algae… It is also important to have a good water filter, a few violet fluorescents special for plants and a water heater. Having an aquarium is a very important task because if you don’t care about it the fish die very fast, or when there´s a drop in temperature they get ill. You need liquids for the plants and vitamines for the plants and the fish.

    This hobby is becoming very fashionable lately because it is a curious thing and a way to take care of favulous species and sometimes to form new species of animals. This picture is of my aquarium and of some of the fish, too.

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