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Some of you have asked for a place to leave your tricks and comments on different computer games you like playing. Have a go!

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  1. corallia

    I want to suggest you a game which is called Spore. It ‘s really interesting and exciting. I love it. Here are some information for it. You begin the game as a little cell at the sea. Your aim is to eat to be bigger. This allows you to get to the land. Now you have to make relationships with other animals to help you get to the next stage. Also as you be at next stages you will be able to create cars, planes,ships and…spaceships!
    And something else. You ‘re drawing your creature. You can decide its size, its color, its skin…
    I hope you like it!!!

  2. marios

    Marios, critics

    S P O R E :****

    ‘Spore’, as Corallia wrote, is the game for you if you are interested in playing evolution-strategy
    games. Although it hasn’t got all the needed advances as it does in the ‘Galaxy Edition’, it remains one of the most popular ev-strategy games (the 26th) worldwide. There is no need to give more info. Corallia cared about it.

    Official site:

  3. marios

    Marios, critics

    Titan Quest :*****

    Another one gaming advice. TQ is one of the best ways to advance thy sences due to its progressive action. You start as a simple man or woman to become a powerful shaman or a great warrior able to defeat the monsters and comlete the quests required.More info you can find at””.

    Titan Quest Immortal throne :*******

    The 7* are not enough for this game. If TQ is excellent, then i don’t know what TQ Immortal throne is. It offers much more challenges than the original and 10 more level advance. A new ‘Mastery'(the masteries are skill levels that improve the power of your character and it is chosen 2 times per player. All togeather are 8+1 in immortal throne)is provided caled “dream”. The other 8 are :”Storm, earth, warfare, spirit, rogue, hunting, nature & defence “.

    official site: http://www.titan quest immortal

  4. Jordi

    Magic the gathering is the most popular board game in the world. Everybody can play this game, the only thing that matters is the experience the players have.

    There are three levels:
    Easy: in this level, cards don’t have any secret and you can play without complications, because when a card has ability, you have its description.
    Medium: in this level, only the most difficult abilities are described.
    Difficult: in this level, you haven’t any description because you’re supposed to know each description.

    Types of cards
    Magic has some types of cards:
    Creature: this type of card has attack and defence, and some monsters have abilities.
    Spell: this type of card does things like evil to the other players or cures lives.
    Instantaneous: this type of car is like the spell, but you can use the instantaneous during another player’s turn.
    Enchantment: this type of card does something to a creature or to another player.
    Manna: this type of card is elemental to play; you can’t play without this card.

    Magic has five colours, and each colour has a special ability that no other colour can do.
    Black: it resurrects creatures.
    Red: it causes damage to the other players.
    Blue: it prevents the other players to use a creature or spell.
    Green: it makes the creature become stronger.
    White: it gives protection.
    The other colours have some of these abilities but not as powerful.

    How is it played?
    The game starts when the two players (it can be more) combine their cards and later they split the pack of cards, the card that has less manna starts. The game finishes when a player doesn’t have any life.

    – Take seven cards when you start.
    – In these seven cards, you have to have one manna. If not, you put your seven cards back to the pile of cards and take six more…
    – When you take a monster or creature, you can attack with this card after you wait a turn (you can attack when the creature has speed).
    – When you attack with a creature, the creature has to be on tour.
    – When another player attacks you, you can block yourself with one of your creatures (when it happens, the player who has the weakest defence goes to the cemetery).

  5. marios

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    But, what exactly is this ? If having or not an artistic vein, the site provides characters, sounds and useful advice for the starters.
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