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CORINTH: February 2008

– Part 1: http://www.skyalbum.com/showAlbum/169822

– Part 2: http://www.skyalbum.com/showAlbum/169973

– Part 3: http://www.skyalbum.com/showAlbum/169977

OLIANA: April 2008

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Here are some pictures from the trip that our environmental team took to Lake Trihonida (a place in central Greece). For more information you can read what Mirela wrote in Green Corner

100_0072.JPG in the environmental centre          100_0121_r1.JPGOutside the  hostel    100_0089.JPG at the lake

 100_0092.JPG 100_0105.JPGat a waterfall nearby    100_0129.JPG in the ancient ruins at the spring  100_0140.JPG the archeaological site and the ruins of the ancient city of Thermo

At the environmental centre again where the children in teams created posters about the lake and anything that had impressed or made them think

 100_0142.JPG      100_0150.JPG 100_0151.JPG            

2 thoughts on “Our Trips

  1. Natalia

    I feel very lucky that I managed to travel to Spain at my age. First I’d like to thank my teacher, Miss Penny, for believing in me, then my parents who made this come true and last my friends for having a great 10-day time.
    It was a nerve-breaking experience.Not everything was nice and relaxed. There were moments of tension and excitement. We became deeply attached to those people and when time for goodbyes came, we couldn’t help wondering why this should end here. That’s why all of us, Greek and Catalan children, promised to each other to meet again in Greece or Catalonia. It was a promise, also given by the teachers. This means lots to me and, although it’s difficult, I know it’ll come true somehow.
    It’s important to say that none of these would have taken place unless someone had believed in this. Although she met lots of difficulties and objections-it’s frustrating to have people who say this or that when you try to do what you believe -yet my teacher paid no attention. She followed her heart and moved on.
    I’d also like to thank all the teachers that came with this crazy team… I know how hard it was for them to leave all their engagements (family, work, etc) behind.
    In conclusion I’d like to say that all the great things start from something small. Who would have said that an e-magazine would end -in a magical way- in 2 journeys…

  2. Corallia

    I agree with Natalia. I couldn ‘t believe that I was going to travel to another country! I am only 13 years old! Everyday I was worried about the trip because my thought was that something was going to be wrong and… But I tried to be optimistic and finally the day came!!! Maybe the persons that read our comments believe that it’s excessive but if they had lived our experience they’d understand us! It was very difficult for all the persons that are into the programm to make this come true but especially for our teachers Miss Penny and Miss Carol! They are the first people that we have to thank! This program started from only an e-mail communication and with the hard work of our teachers it became a strong relationship which has involved 36 children and 6 teachers!

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