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Here you have information on those cultural events and national holidays that take place in our towns.

This is Corallia’s painting.

The title is “My best friend”.

Corallia won 500 euros which she has donated to our school. She has also gained the right to participate in other European painting competitions. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF HER!!!!!



A different king (Jaume I: 1208-2008. 800 years after his history)

by Rosa Roca

Jaume I was and will always be the most important King of the  Catalan countries because thanks to him Catalonia became the most powerful country of the Mediterranean.

He had a different story from other Kings. His life was full of difficulties, plots, conquests, … but almost always he came out the winner of those situations.

His father, king Pere the Catholic, didn’t love his wife, Maria of Montpellier, and the king’s advisers had to prepare a special date night so  the Queen could become pregnant by her husband, the King.

When he was a child, he was orphaned but before, he was handed-over by his father as a hostage to his French enemy, Simó of Montfort. Under the guidance of this French nobleman, baby Jaume lived the early years of his childhood -should not be easy for him!

The Pope of Rome forced the French nobleman to return the child to the Catalan nobility, who thought this would be the best for all of them, because, then,  they could do whatever they wanted with the young boy.

He was crowned king when he was five years old, and when he was 13 years old, his marriage to Elionor of Castella, his first wife, was arranged. During quite some time, the Catalan nobility governed as they liked, until King Jaume I felt powerful enough to rule. The Catalan nobility had hoped that this “little king” would become a big governor with a hard personality and with the good gifts to govern Catalonia and to impose his power over all of them.

He sought the help of the people with economic power of the Catalan cities to impose his power to the nobility, and, at the same time, he sought the help of the Catalan noblemen to conquest the territories to Muslims (Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Murcia,…) and this is the reason why, in Catalonia, he’s called “The King of the Catalan countries”.

Also, they were difficult moments that did not give good results for Catalonia, for example, the Trafficking in Courbeille, which ceded the territory of Catalonia in France.

His personal life was also a struggle of love but that, maybe, is a more complicated story to tell.

When he died, he divided all his possessions among his heirs, that is, all that he achieved in life to join was disjoined in death.


By Penny

Here are some photos that Marika has taken from the arrival of Pegasus in the central square of our town. Pegasus is the symbol of Corinth and you can see it in the town’s emblem

63-081218-023728_thumb.jpg  127-081218-023505_thumb.jpg  347-090208-084755_thumb.jpg   566-081218-022605_thumb.jpg 

768-090208-084655_thumb.jpg  824-090208-084854_thumb.jpg 

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  1. Penny

    This year 150 years have been completed since the modern city of Corinth was rebuilt after its complete destruction by an earthquake in 1858. For this reason many cultural events will be taking place during the following months. The celebrations started in the 19th March and will be completed in May.
    From 20th to 24th March a school theatre festival was organised in the municipal building where 5 of the prefecture’s schools(junior and senior high-schools)staged their plays.
    We can also attend lectures, go to art exhibitions, concerts etc.

  2. ccastro8 Post author

    This comment here is by Mirela. I’m sorry I made a mistake and instead of approving it, I delete it. Sorry.
    An epic tale of an uncompromising artist and fighter for freedom, Domenicos Theotokopoulos, known to the world as «El Greco». Set in the 16th century, El Greco searches for freedom and love, ranges from the courts of Crete and Venice to Toledo in Spain. Here he is confronted by his greatest adversary the Holy Inquisition. Never backing down in his fight with the establishments of his day, El Greco’s story is one of unusual heroism, betrayal, love, and the power of one man and his creative consciousness to stand out and overcome barbarity and ignorance. An inspiration which lives on to this day.

  3. Corallia


    On 27th October was announced in our school an important discrimination of our schoolmate Corallia Andrianakou,she had won a European painting competition.The competition was among children with special talent in painting. Corallia was elected our country first with one excellent drawing. She, two days after the competition, describes to us her feelings, the reasons which made her participate in this competition, but also her relation with art.


    -First of all, Corallia congratulations for your achievement. You made us, as your schoolmates, but also the whole school feel proud for distinguishing in this European competition. Tell us therefore, how do you feel after this distinction.
    -On the one hand, I feel a little weird because I have never taken part in such a big competition before. On the other hand I feel happy and proud because what I accomplished is not a little thing.

    -Why did you participate in the competition?
    -Because I like painting and also I found the subject interesting.

    -What did you want to emphasize with this painting?
    -My initial idea was to paint my dog, however because I also have other friends which I love equally, I thought of painting this in order to show how I want the world to become.

    -What does “the friendship” means for you?
    -Friendship is a combination of love, trust and supporting each other!!!

    -Who is your favourite painter?
    -I admire the works of Van Kong and Don Rosa, who ‘s not a painter but a cartoonist.

    -Is the fact that you paint so beatifully consequence of talent, hereditary charisma or certain courses of painting?
    -I remember myself painting from a very early age and I think I own a part of it to my father, because he has a similar talent too.

    -Will dy any change this discrimination be the reason to continue painting more systematically? What are you thinking about that?
    -Of course I will contiue painting, but only in my spare time and not at a proffesional level.

    Assibuity:Dourou Silia
    Translation:Antoniu Dimitra

  4. maria and electra

    2009 is the national year of astronomy.
    This year we celebrate 400 years since Galileo Galilei turned his eyes to the stars. For this reason we decited to deal in the context of ”e-twinning” with astronomy issues, in cooperation with other schools of Europe. The astronomy issues are:
    1) Solar System-Our Big Family
    European Union-Our Small Family
    2) Observing European Sky

  5. dimitra korallia

    On 10th December 2008 Pegasus, the winged horse of antiquity, was placed in the Floisvos of Corinth.

    The installation of a brassy statue of Pegasus, which height is 4.30 metres that henceforth will dominate imposingly in the harbour of Corinth.

    The statue weights approximately 2 tons and sits in base of three receptions. The artist who made it is Basiliou Achilles from Athens.

    The statue of Pegasus is found at the top of a big fountain and pops up through its waters. This was otherwise the relation of Pegasus with water according to mythology.

    According to the mythological tradition Pegasus was a Corinthian goodness. It was said that as soon as Pegasus sprang up from the Jelly-fish, flew to Acrokorinthos and drank water from the waters of Peirinis. Afterwards the traditions of Corinth connect Pegasus with the myth of Belerofonti and Chimera.

    In general Pegasus symbolizes allegorically the marine cloud that transports his thunders (Zeus) and become perceptible in the storms!!!!!!!

  6. dimitra and korallia


    YES MAN is a humorous and enjoyable comedy directed by Peyton Reed. The film tells the funny story of the life of Carl Allen, a recent divorcee who always says the word “no“!!!!!!!

    Carl Allen’s life, played by Jim Carey, is going nowhere -his only word is “no”- until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything-and anything. Unleashing the power of “YES” begins to transform Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance. But, his willingness to embrace every opportunity, might just become too much of a good thing.

    What makes this film special is that the leading character gave an excellent performance but and the other actors too!! So, they made the characters very believable and funny and you enjoy every minute!!!

    We think “YES MAN“ is well worth to be seen and we promise you that you won’t regret it!!!!!

  7. dimitra and korallia


    Twilight is a romantic thrilling movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Twilight tells the story of Bella, a teenager, who relocates to raining Forks, Washington, to live with her beloved father, who is a policeman.

    Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, tries to fit in at her new school. There, she meets a local boy, Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, who saves her life and they fell in love. But Bella understands that Edward is a vampire. Fortunately, he and his family are benevolent monsters who choose not to drink the blood of humans. The bond between Bella and Edward becomes tested when a bloodthirsty vampire shows up. The cruel bloodsucker James, played by Cam Gigandet, sets his trap to make a meal out of Bella, forcing Edward and his family to decide to protect her…

    The best thing that makes the movie special is that the actors are very talented and make the characters very believable. In addition, the effects are amazibg and the soundtrack too!!!

    We think TWILIGHT is a moving and fascinating film based on a great book. We strongly recommended it for people of all ages and we are sure that you ‘ll enjoy every minute!!!!!!

  8. ccastro8 Post author

    Hi girls. I’ve read the complete saga and let me tell you I (35) fell in love with Edward. I haven’t seen the film, I prefer the books (not the last one, though) and having the chance to imagine characters my way. Vampires are thrilling and now I’m starting THE HOST. I’ll let you know about it as soon as I read it. By the way, I read Memories of Idhun. It’s by a Spanish writer, Laura Gallego, but it’s been translated to all languages, I think. If you like dragons, fairies, witches, unicorns, gods and priests, etc., you’ll like it. By the way, there’s a love story (again, a strange one) going on there as well.

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