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  1. Semina and Christos


    School is very important in every student’s life but we shouldn’t forget that there are many differences in the school systems of EU countries.
    Here, in Greece, we have to be at school at approximately 8 o’ clock and lessons start at 8:15. The first hour lasts until 9 o’ clock and is one of the smallest. Every hour we have a break of 5 to 10 minutes. At that time we can eat something or have fun with our friends (in our opinion, Semina and Christos, all school breaks are too small!).
    Our lessons are basically similar to yours. We have Maths, Sport, History and Religion Education for example we have some different ones like Ancient Greek. In this lesson we have to study some ancient Greek poems like Iliada and Odyssea (which are translated in modern Greek) and grammar and syntax rules, Ancient Greek is supposed to be the basis of modern Greek language but mos Greek students don’t like it as we find it very difficult and sometimes totally unnecessary. We also learn foreign languages like German, English and French. Our school lessons finish at 13:50 but after that we have to go to some extra classes which offer us better education.
    To sum up, our school system is completely different from yours, but it provides us with good quality education, despite the disadvantages it may have………

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