Projects at School

Here you can tell us about the projects you carry out at school so we all can learn about each other.

These three pictures were taken when our Religion teacher, Àngels, set a stand to sell items from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to raise money for kids in India. Our school designed a T-shirt to be able to get more money.




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  1. Maria Pargaña, Maria Sala and Meri.


    “Vicente Ferrer Foundation” is a charity which helps Indian people.
    In this charity there are different projects and one of this is to build a school.

    From our school we have tried to make people in town to be godparents to children from India, Anantapur, and also, we have sold objects made by them. The things that we have sold are: T-shirts, jewelly, incense, money boxes, photo frames and paintings.

    In Artesa de Segre, a village 30km far from Oliana, there is a Vicente Ferrer site, Associació Artesa de Segre Solidària, that collects money to help them.

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