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  1. Judit and Laura

    We’re Judit and Laura. And now we’re going to talk about Classical Ballet.

    We go to ballet classes in the sports centre in Oliana.
    We have ballet classes on Mondays from eight to nine and Wednesdays from seven to eight.
    We’re five ballarines: Maria Pargaña, Maria Sala, Margot, Eva and Laura.
    Our ballet teacher is Fina Comas; she’s the Line dance world champion.
    To get started you just need a leotard and soft shoes.

    • The ballet dance posture is very important.
    • The basic positions are: First position and second position.
    • The harder positions are: Third position, fourth position and fifth position.
    • The Classical Ballet is divided into four main parts: Barre, Center, Free Movement and Character.
    • The basic movements are: pliés, demi-pliés, pirouette, arabesque
    • When two people dance together it’s called Pos de deux. Together, the dancers can perform incredible steps and lifts.
    • Special pointed shoes are made to dance en point.
    They have hard toes strong soles.
    • Dancers must keep their hair tidy.
    Long hair is tied back so it does not fall across the dancers’ face or eye.
    • The most frequent ballet costume is tutu.

    Every year to pass the course an examination of the Royal Academy of Dance is taken.
    There are eight different grades and this year we’re taking the exam to pass the 7th grade and go on to the 8th grade.
    When we have free time, we practice modern ballets.

    • I think that classical ballet is a very good sport.
    It keeps you fit, it gives you flexibility and balance.
    We’ve a very good time when we dance. As we all know practice makes perfect!

    By: Judit and Laura!

  2. Christos

    School Sport Championships

    Here in Greece in many cities we have school sport championships. In these, the students take part in teams in the sport that they like. They do some training before and after the games. The school which wins all the games will take metals and a cup. The most usual sports are football, basketball and volleyball (but some schools have tennis too). At our school, this year, we have formed two teams.
    One is the basketball team and the other the volleyball team.

    In the basketball we are 12 boys. We had trainings every day but in the end we lost the first game.

    In the volleyball team there are 12 girls. They are having little training but it’s quite hard, though. These girls haven’t started the games yet. The first match is on 27th February. All the school counts on them because we were beaten at basketball and we don’t want to lose at volleyball too!!! Now I want you to write an article about you… if you have school sport championships, in what sports… I’m waiting..?!!!

  3. Jesús

    Here in Catalonia we don’t have interscholar championships, but we have region competitions. Catalonia is divided in 4 “províncies” divided in 41 “comarques”. So there are three competitions: one for choose the best players in each “comarca”, one for choose the best players in each “província” and one between the best players from each “província”. The winners of this championship are the bests of the country. In our school we have people we have arrived at the final competitions and one has won two of them. You can compete in all these sports: ?
    Athletics (launches, jumps, speed, resistance…), badminton, feminine and masculine child basketball, feminine and masculine cadet basketball, feminine and masculine juvenile basketball, Catalan skittles, cross, orientation races, chess, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, feminine and masculine child futsal, feminine and masculine cadet futsal, juvenile feminine and masculine futsal, masculine child football 7, masculine cadet football 7, rhythmic individual, gymnastic rhythmic artistic, gymnastic gymnastics sets, feminine and masculine child handball, masculine and feminine cadet handball, swimming, artistic skating and tennis table.
    You can win lots of medals if you’re a good sports player.

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