It was in January, the year 2006…

We had enough snow, too much snow, maybe.


40 cm of snow…



2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. ccastro8 Post author

    Last week was a horrible one as it snowed everywhere EXCEPT in Oliana. Some cities and roads were blocked because of the snow and even the most important airports in Spain were closed and lots of flights delayed. It’s freezing here and coming back from holidays was not a good ideas as the school was COLD because heating had been OFF for 2 weeks. Kids wore their coats and gloves and just for a while, they were right to complain.

  2. Jesús

    That’s not right! In Oliana it snowed too, but the snow melted quickly. Carol was angry because she had to come to school every day, and in some cities there weren’t lessons. We haven’t got snow, but we can go skiing to the best ski stations on the country.

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