Unit 3 Digital Project: Local Waterway

It is clear our local waterway is the Llobregat river.

In the Local Waterway digital project, you will research a local waterway and create a presentation to share your findings about one of the following:

  1. The upper course
  2. The middle course
  3. The lower course
  4. The delta

You will also recommend ways to conserve and protect the waterway.

You need to create a VoiceThread slideshow explaining your slides with your own voice.


Remember to include bibliography, webgraphy and to use images labeled for reuse.

Do not copy paste from the Internet. Use your own words.

Do not fill your slides with too much text, just facts and figures and key words. 

Sports Culture Box Exchange With NYC

Your peers at Mott Hall Charter School in Bronx, NYC were very happy to receive your letters, objects and explanations about sports in Sant Boi, Barcelona and/or Catalonia.

Now you’ll see what they gave us in exchange.

Read carefully and share your insights, a summary of what you read or see, a picture illustrating what they tell you, etc. Remember to sign your contributions.

Hecho con Padlet

Hecho con Padlet

What To Do With Grease (In Your Home)

Why is it not safe to pour grease down the drain? Let’s watch this video and check.

And What Do You Do with Grease?

(Click on the image for more info on SBRenova)

Do you think enough people recycle cooking oil in our city?

Maybe this could be an idea for your Community Action Project…