Tale online A Final chapter (Cor de Maria school)

The two teams started to shoot the penalties. The result was 4-4 because Manchester City missed the first penalty and the last shot was for…Pepball.

All the stadium was in silence. Everybody was very nervous and Pepball was really concentrated. Everything was ready. Pepball started to run to the ball. He shot it and…. OH NO! The ball touched the wood and went up in the sky! The goalkeeper of Manchester City started to celebrate it and all the fans too! However…. The ball started to fall down and… INCREDIBLE! The ball touched the back of the goalkeeper and entered. IT WAS A GOAL! MANCHESTER UNITED WERE THE WINNERS OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!

All the United fans and specially the teammates of Pepball were extremely happy and joyful. Everybody wanted to hug and congratulate Pepball… But he was not completely satisfied… He was happy for winning the Champions league but he missed his old team. He wanted to go back to his original team so after the celebration he phoned the president and informed that he was coming back!

Finally, after a good party with Manchester United, he went to his old stadium and was prepared for a training with his old friends. He was motivated and ready for football but suddenly….IT’S NOT POSSIBLE! His old team changed the coach, and the new coach was….. THE BAD BUNNY!! Poor PepBall!!


Maybe not all tales end in a happy way!  😉

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