Hi everybody!!!
We are students from 6th A Malagrida school. Our school is very big. We started school in September with two renewed classrooms. The English classroom has moved to another one and it is renewed too. We feel very comfortable there.
Our classroom is amazing. We’ve got a new tutor, her name is Anna. We also have two new students who are girls. We are 24 students. Our English teacher is Mª Carme. Each classroom has a name connected to music. Our classroom is called “ Rolling Stones,” a very popular English pop rock band.
Some afternoons we work on projects and we are still doing the project “Som Música.” We have a lot of fun!!!
We hope to see you in May

Hello everyone!

We are the other group of students. We are in class  6th B and our tutor is Xesca. This year, all the students in our school are involved in Escola Nova 21. Three days a week we work on projects. We enjoy so much this activity!!!

There is a nice classroom equipped with new tables and chairs where we sometimes go to do projects. We also have got another small classroom where we can go in small groups to do research related to Science.

In the playground there are new activities such as: Karts, dance, sudokus, mazes, big table games, reading books….

The school has got a new app to communicate parents and teachers. Thanks to this app the school saves a lot of paper.

We like the changes made in our school. We love it!!!

We want to see you and enjoy together in the English Day!!!




Name: RubKey

Sport: Rugby

Country: the UK

This monkey is called Rubkey.  This rugby player is usually number one playing  matches. When he loses a match he looks very angry. At this moment he’s standing on a big rugby ball, his favourite  sport.

He is very strong. Look at his body!! He has got spiky brown hair and a small nose but he has got big black eyes and a big mouth. . Rubkey loves sunbathing and he is tanned.

He is wearing a green stripped T- shirt, blue shorts and a purple belt. His hands and feet are hairy and big.

He’s holding two flags from the UK because he’s from Manchester but at the moment he’s living in New York.

Now he is waiting for the most important reward, the World Champion’s cup.