Sant Roc group 2018

We’re students of Sant Roc school from Olot. This is a big and beautiful school. Our teachers are Imma and Marta. The last one is our English teacher. There are twenty-seven pupils in our group. We like sports, watching films and holidays. We don’t like homework  or have lunch in the dinning room.
See you in May! Bye!

Name: Miss Crookie stick
Sport: Lacrosse
Country: The USA

Sant Roc mascot 2018 Lacrosse sport America

Sant Roc mascot 2018
Lacrosse sport

My name is Miss Crookie stick. I’m forty-two year old. I’m quite tall and thin. I’m wearing a hat with the United States flag  and a black net. I have got red lips, blue eyes, a white ball and a delicious hot dog in my hands. I’m also very beautiful and smart.

This mascot is made by Ènia Massegur.