Hi everybody!  We are the pupils from Castanyer school, in Sant Joan les Fonts. This year there are two groups in the 6th level, A and B, with 20 and 21 pupils in each one. We all like our school, sourrounded by nature, and we all like going out with our teachers, climbing mountains and learning so much. Our teachers are  Jordi and Marta.

Some of us are very fond of  sports  and others prefer reading, painting or playing computer games. We all are  a little bit talkatives.

Our school has got a mascot, “ la salamandra” and all the pupils love it very much. We dance the “salamandra” in our school parties .

The school is changing. We have a new playground for the youngest and a wall  to climb for the oldest.

Alumnes de 6è A

Alumnes de 6è B

Their names are Heavyangry and Beautyfunny. They are from England. They are English. They live in London.

Beautyfunny is the girl. She is 11. Her eyes are pink. She hasn’t got ears and nose and her mouth is small. She is blue.

She is sweet, a good friend and  very polite and she is funny, too. She likes playing boxing and reading.

Heavyangry is the boy. He is 11. He has got green eyes and he hasn’t got a nose or ears. His mouth is big. It is red.

He is heavy, a liar, rude and he is always angry. He really likes playing boxing and disturbing.