Hello! We are the students from Volcà Bisaroques School. We are two groups of pupils, 6th A and 6th B. We are 43 children.

Our mascot is Foo-ba-loo, it’s a kangaroo from Australia and it plays Australian football. It has got number 18 on the blue T-shirt. This is the T-shirt of its team and he is the team captain.

Foo-ba-loo is tall and fast. It has got a long tail and strong legs. It has got a long neck, oval eyes and pointed ears. Foo-ba-loo has got two black lines on the cheeks.

It looks very funny and friendly, and a nice happy kangaroo.

Hope you like it and see you in the English Day 2018!!


Name: Foo-ba-loo

Sport: Australian Football

Country: Australia


Fooballoo is our mascot for the English Day. He is a kangaroo, the most interesting mammal in Australia.

He has got two big pointed ears, a cute big mouth, an oval face and on the cheeks he has got two brown lines. Fooballoo has got a medium-length neck and a fat belly. There is a number 18 on his T-shirt. He has got very thin short arms holding a ball and very thin short legs. His hands are shorter than his feet. His feet are wide and long and we like his long tail.

He is very nice and strong. He is sporty and funny. He seems generous and playful. He is very kind, too. He likes playing Australian football and loves when people watch him.