Hello everybody, we are class 6A!

In our class, we have 25 children and all of us are very friendly and talkative!

Most part of the class likes to do sports and is very competitive. When we are in the school and it rains, we listen to music. Mostly we listen to reggaeton because there are many boys and girls that like this kind of music.

We are a little bit messy but Raquel our teacher has an order and maintains the class.

The English teachers names are Rosa Maria and Laura.

Hello everybody we are class 6B!

In our school there are 301 kids. In our class there are 24 boys and girls. In the class we have 8 girls and 16 boys.  Our class is very funny and beautiful, we work a lot and we help each other.

We are a modern school and all of the students love this place!

The school has great views and it’s at the foot of the Montsacopa volcano.

In the “Escola el Morrot” we have a very large playground. In the playground there is one football court, two basketball courts and a sandy beach.




My name is Kokinyar. My eyes are blue, my fur is black and white, I wear a red scarf and an orange headband.

I am 10 years old and my birthday is on 22nd of October.

I love playing football, eating cookies and sushi. I own my own bakery shop. Ball is my best friend.

I am from Japan, in Japan it is very hot, is a very big country and  it’s full of buildings.

I participate in the 2017 UEFA champions league and I play with FC Barcelona, I play as front. I have scored 40 goals.