Hello everybody! We are the class of 6th A from Cor de Maria school. Our school is in the city center of Olot and is very big and also very old. In our group we are 11 girls and 14 boys and our English teacher is Mister John. We also have a conversation assistant from U.K. Her name is Lauren.

We are a very funny and sympathic class. We love playing sports like football, basketball or volleyball and we like to go to the playground with the friends. See you in May!

Hey everyone! This is the 6th B group of Cor de Maria school. We are 24 students; 10 boys and 14 girls! We are a very active and excited group, and sometimes a little bit crazy too. We like to dance, to play, to jump and to do sport but we don’t like doing homeworks and exams. See you soon!


This is our class mascot. His name is Boardball and he is from England, Great Britain. He is 128 years old like the basketball sport . He is funny, joyful, friendly and very sporty. He is blue, red, white and square and he is always wearing a Great Britain t-shirt and a green glove.

He loves to play basketball and he likes to play with his colleagues, specially with his friend Mr.Basket-ball. He doesn’t like football and he hates mathematics and science.