Hello everybody!!

We are the 6th graders from Escola Llar. We are eleven of us in class. There are three girls and eight boys. Sheila and Marc are our English teachers and tutors.

We like sports like football, table tennis, basketball and many more. We are very talkative and very noisy, but we are very friendly. The subjects we like the most is PE. We like doing PE and working in groups when we do Science and Arts and Crafts.

We are ready to participate in the festival. Let’s meet in the ENGLISH DAY!

See you in May!

The Mascot

  • Name: Mr. Rugball
  • Sport: Rugby / American football
  • Country: USA

This is our mascot Mr Rugball. He’s eighteen years old. He’s wearing Nike trainers. He’s wearing purple glasses. He’s eighteen and he has got the coolest car in the world: it’s a Lamborghini!

He can run very fast. He likes playing football in America and rugby in Europe. He can always play and speak English too. He’s a happy mascot.