Click here to listen to the song: English Day hymn


(“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay )

Students from all the schools

gather together in Olot in May.

We celebrate a very special day,

share and play with our friends!

This is our English hymn,

we’ve got a mascot and a tale.

Listen to the teachers say:

Enjoy this day, cheer up today!!!

Communicate in English, please!

It is the language we all speak

and we’ll discover that English is…

It’s really cool, really fun!!!

English Day is a day of friendship,

learning, singing and acting so good.

English people in England “ ‘s here

acting together this funny play.

For some reason we can’t explain

we feel happy,

we’ll never, never forget this day.

We’ll use English round the world.

(English day, English Day, English Day…)

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