A Good Suggestion for a Start

Here’s a nice strip from Educacontic with a good suggestion for those who would like to know how to put some things together in ICT and ESL:

1- Search the Net
2- Create a Podcast channel
3- Digital narration / Storytelling
4- Create a classroom blog
5- Put all these things together

These are probably some of the most popular ICT tasks and projects that teachers do with their students… it’s really important to consider 5 as a step forward towards a deeper involvement with ICT… this will surely rise as a richer and more engaging project for students… and teachers!

One thought on “A Good Suggestion for a Start

  1. Àngels

    Hi! I totally agree with you! The more we use ICT in class, the better both for stuents and for us teachers! Doing it, we keep recycling ourselves all the time. When planning something for “cicle superior” related to storytelling I found “screenr” web page and I love it, so do my students!
    I hope you find it useful!
    Digitilize yourself!!!!

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