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Geocube is a very interesting website for those who want to use English in Social Science secondary lessons or those who want to introduce concepts of Social Science in their English lessons (CLIL).

A cube you can turn with the mouse shows 6 different aspects concerning our world: Living Together, The Fascinating World, Exploring Our World, Shrinking Planet, Earth from all Angles and Useful Geographies. By clicking one of the sides, 9 different issues related to the title of the “side” appear. When you choose one of these issues, a screen appears with information related to the topic, together with illustrating images and videos.


A very engaging layout entices you quickly. The information is concise and clear. Very useful when you work with your students in cross-curricular projects… ideal for PDI’s!

Some fun for a change

Here’s a good example of the way many of us used to sing English songs when we did not have a clue of how to say Good morning. I remember my “O beri moco” being the original “More than a woman” Bee Gees used to sing.