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Simple English Wikipedia


For students who only need simple texts, with brief (sometimes scarce) information and simple language, here’s a useful Wikipedia version: Simple English Wikipedia

The very same interface as an ordinary Wikipedia, but with simpler language. Short articles which can be easily read by ESO students. Not much to comment, just browse through the site. Maybe a good idea would be to ask students to enrich articles with more complex sentences or descriptions.



Geocube is a very interesting website for those who want to use English in Social Science secondary lessons or those who want to introduce concepts of Social Science in their English lessons (CLIL).

A cube you can turn with the mouse shows 6 different aspects concerning our world: Living Together, The Fascinating World, Exploring Our World, Shrinking Planet, Earth from all Angles and Useful Geographies. By clicking one of the sides, 9 different issues related to the title of the “side” appear. When you choose one of these issues, a screen appears with information related to the topic, together with illustrating images and videos.


A very engaging layout entices you quickly. The information is concise and clear. Very useful when you work with your students in cross-curricular projects… ideal for PDI’s!