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poptropica2.gif This is a nice way to introduce internet guided chat in the classroom.

Thanks to amycapdet, author of the ELT blog Cloudy Seaside Mood, who has showed us this interesting website.

Poptropica is a website where young people can create a very simple character which can be customized with a few details.


This character is taken to Poptropica, a world with different continents where he/she will be able to carry out different activities: Chatting with friends in a very guided way (the content of what is said comes out of a list offered to the player, so everything is under control as players can choose out of a limited list of possible sentences).



As players travel to the different parts of Poptropica, they can play different games, and what is most important, pay attention to what people in Poptropica say to them, as they must gather information and objects in order to succeed in carrying out different missions across that world. Once all activities are carried out, theer’s nothing to be done. That will avoid having students constantly hooked on the game.

A nice way to introduce Primària students to the world of adventure games and quests, simple, catchy and always under your control (as long as they play in the school, of course)


Chat & Learn

Chatting is nutritious for students, we all know that, but it can be a bit dangerous fs the diet is based on messenger or other chat rooms with no control.

Here’s a couple of examples where chtating can consist on a very healthy diet:


English Baby:

Easy and intuitive…and free



Very good interface. It requires the teacher’s monitoring in order to filter chatrooms. It allows video. This application  has been successfully used by our colleague Sergio Morales in the experience The Starry Night Club where teachers could exchange opinions, experiences and feelings. Thanks, Sergio!