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Bullying: Let’s get something out of it!

Ed Tech Ideas has published a very interesting post which we could easily turn into a very good activity for the English classroom.


Starting out with a very nice poster on student bullying in the U.S., some questions are placed, as well as some advice to students… very clear statements that can be easily discussed in class. Try to elicit other ideas and opinions out of the data which appear in the graphic poster. Data are shown really clear and can be easily understood.

Road Education


Think! is an interesting website run by the British government offering various engaging activities for teens concerning road education: You can play a game showing you are smart enough to manage time and attitude to reach a place safely. Investigate an accident and find out what shouldn’t have been done but was… Worth having a look, believe me!

Questionaut: ELT and other subjects


People from Amanita Design have produced a beautiful online videogame for the BBC educational website: Questionaut

Travel with a friendly voyager in pursuit of his friend’s windswept hat, and answer multiple questions from different fields in a dream-like world, flying with your balloon and winning oxygen by answering correctly. There’s fun and learning, and it’s in English! Worth a visit!


Back again… and some news

After a long while… I’m back. I’ll try to fill you with my thoughts and feelings again, and also with some tips and links for my fellow teachers.
These up here are my daughters… my two eldest ones, considering the next one will be another GIRL!!! Coming in february, and all of us eager to see her among us (well, in fact, she’s already “among” my wife Anna).

Back from the hills!

So we are back. We had a great time there, in spite of the dangers you’ll see later on this post. The house was cute and tidy, and there wasn’t many people around, we met a family next to our place, but we didn’t see much of each other.

On our arrival, we had the opportunity to celebrate Clara’s birthday, and we took advantage of the present she got… a Monopoly!! We played and played, and she got used to winning pretty quickly.

The weather was fine, we had some fog (really thick), and sunshine, but scarcely any rain, so we managed to do some walks in the area.
We went into a vegetarian diet of barbecued ribs and spiced pork meat… together with boiled vegetables to compensate.
We met a very interesting man and his family. Mr Valentí Garrigasait, the owner of the place where we were staying. He is a very trustworthy man, always ready to help you and give any assistance you need. A man with a solid background and sympathy that make of him an outstanding character. He was the one who restored Hotel Sant Roc in Solsona, a beautiful art noveau building of 1929, and turned it into a fashionable hotel worth visiting run by his efficient daughter Dolors. On our way back, we stopped by and had lunch there, and were welcome by the staff with such kindness that my daughters behaved like sheep (easy joke… they usually do). Dolors showed us the newly decorated rooms, some of them painted by Tate, another one of Valentí’s daughters. Really astounding!! I really encourage you to pay a visit to this nice hotel in Solsona.

Here’s a little show of the things we had to endure up there in the wilderness!!


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…and the prince will come

…and there will come a time when the prince will come, and he will take away my two princesses. Oh, god, how hard it must to be the king in your palace and see your beautiful daughters part!
Fathers and mothers rule in their palaces of bliss… but their kindred goes away when the time comes. That is something I will have to endure. But as I look at them now, I see how strong I will have to be… to see my daughters flee!