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Welcome Back!

Holidays are almost over, and a new schoolyear is around the corner. I’ll be ready to post new ideas and thoughts that may help you in your lessons.

Here’s a video for a start: Vicki Davis, a teacher in Georgia, USA, talks about the way she uses new media and new 2.0 applications in her classroom. It’s a short video from Edutopia, really worth watching. She’s not an English teacher, but she shows us the way into using all those tools and applications in our lessons. I would specially point out what she says about teaching these new tools: Sometimes she’s learning from her students as she’s teaching. This give-and-take concept can’t be neglected nowadays when it comes to building new projects. We can’t expect our students to ellicit everything out of inspiration or sheer practice, many things will still be in the teacher’s hands, but we can’t escape the fact that the future of project work in education and knowledge acquisition will be also based upon the process whereby teachers and students share the experience of learning.



Dipity is a very good timeline creator if you want your students to work with time, tenses or describing events or someone’s life. Catchy interface that allows you to create your own timelines and add images, video, audio and Internet links.
The working area is really user-friendly, and element integration is really easy. We can later share it through our usual social network.


Back from Outer Space!

Hello again!

It’s been a long time, and no excuses can bring forgiveness to my oblivion… too much work at home… three daughters… Probably I could have found the time to publish briefer posts, but my mind was elsewhere. My apologies. I promise I’ll try to stay in tune with you!

So… here I am! Back from outer space!

In plain English

This is a good way to teach things! Visually, and with a very easy script. The Lefever brothers have created a series of videos with easy explanations on diverse issues, mostly ICT related. Information is easy and the pace is not too fast. Students will easily undertand it. You can find them in their own Youtube page

Why not trying to create similar presentations with our students?

Here’s a video on how podcasting works:

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This one is a very clear explanation on blogging:

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Voki…great fun…and skills!

I’m sure you’ve already realized I’m right here, to your right. Well the truth is that I have less hair than my avatar, but it was this or bald, so I chose this one!


Voki is a simple application which looks like a useless gadget for those who like to try every new thing that appears on the web. Well, it’s not. This little box where you can customize your appearance (usually to make you look more handsome) and record a message or even type it (the text to speech function is really good) is not only useful to change your welcoming message in your blog or in your website. Why not having your students create their own Voki avatar where they introduce themselves and describe their hobbies or daily routines? Create a blog for your class and let them publish their image.

Once you are registered, you must choose the appearance of your avatar. Person or animal, hair colour, eyes… you can also choose the background of the image.


As you can see, the message to be published can be created either through a text to speech element key.jpg, recording it with your computer microphone key2.jpg, or uploading it from a local folder as an mp3 file key3.jpg.

If you decide to use the text to speech option, you can choose out of different languages, including English, Catalan or Spanish. Choose also male or female voice.

Once you are happy with your avatar, it’s time to save it and publish it.

How can you put it in a widget in your blog? Easy. Once you’ve saved it, you get the following interface:


That will give you the code to copy in your blog:


Open your blog for administration. Click on Gestiona;


Save changes, publish and… that’s it! There’s your Voki presentation!

International Blogging Contest

Blogging is not a competition, but as it usually happens, they sometimes want to label things!

Edublogs, a good blogging website for educators, quite similar to Xtecblocs, has set up a contest for educational blogs, the Edublogs Awards. There are hundreds of educational blogs in the net. Spend some time if you will and vote for one of them. There are amazingly good blogs up there, with lots of things to learn from them. Up to you, friends.



A very interesting tool for us bloggers: A Mozilla add-on that lets you publish posts directly into your blog! You only have to go to the add-on page of Mozilla at and search for Performancing:

Once you restart Mozilla Firefox you wil see a small icon on the lower right corner with a small clipboard… just set up your blog there and get started!