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Grammar Challenge

The BBC has a very good website where ELT students can check about their doubts when it comes to understanding grammar issues: Grammar Challenge


Grammar issues appear listed and with just one click you find a page where an ELT specialist gives you a clear explanation on the grammatical point you need to understand, as well as clear written examples. Explanations can be downloaded as mp3 files so that students can listen to them on the go. It is quite suitable for intermediate/advanced students.
There is also a teacher’s section with ideas to get the best of this website in class.

Word on the Street


Word on the Street is an extremely good website by The British Council and the BBC.

A series of chapters dealing with everyday situations with a set of definite sections which make students learn as they enjoy these nice clips.


The episodes are divided in sections: Those which help learners to focus first on comprehension, where we can watch everyday situations dealing with different topics.


These are followed by sections more focused on linguistic aspects which are exemplified with parts of the previous clip.


Some brief explanations are highlighted on the screen in order to clarify those linguistic aspects that must be learnt.


Finally, these clips are followed by some drills to help students evaluate what they have learnt in the episode.

This website will really fulfill the needs of those students who need some reinforcement on their listening skills as well as those who want to use some good-quality self-access material. Great production and crystal-clear explanations. for those who find it difficult, they can also see the transcript as they watch.

Grammar? Why not?

We often quarrel about teching methods. I think a communicative approach is basically what  attains the highest degrees of satisfaction amongst our students. Nevertheless, we should ot forget that, sometimes, it is also good to get hold of activities that help students to reinforce their linguistic structural foundations, that is, grammar. Eventually, I’ll be writing about websites whose goal is to help people get some more practise and skills on that field. There are many interesting websites that help teachers make grammar teaching less cumbersome.


BBC Skillswise is a very interesting website that deals with drills related to those foundatons we are talking about. Exercises are catchy, and they move away from old hot potatoes interface (Let us all praise this old and good application anyway!!)