Uncovering CLIL – Language showers

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The many faces of CLIL
CLIL is an umbrella term covering a dozen or more educational approaches (eg immersion, bilingual education, multilingual
education, language showers and enriched language programmes). What is new about CLIL is that it synthesizes and
provides a flexible way of applying the knowledge learned from these various approaches. The flexibility of the approach is,
above all, evident in the amount of time devoted to teaching or learning through the second language. CLIL allows for
low- to high-intensity exposure to teaching/learning through a second language. The approach can also be used for
short-term high-intensity exposure (see figure below). (click on the PDF file for more)


One thought on “Uncovering CLIL – Language showers

  1. Carmen Marcos

    The article is very good. I think the only missing word I find is “recycling”. As our children only use the language we teach them in science in the classroom, making it alive and using it as much as we can should be one of our goals. “Forcing” them to use the language giving them a few clear structures for each unit should be another one. And always remember: only those who do nothing, make no mistakes.

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