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Hello there after a few days!

Finally new and great units from Catalan teachers have been published on-line. Here’s the link:

There are many new units like “Let’s explore our body systems”, “Weather”, “Changes through life”, “A trip around Europe” and so on.

Enjoy and explore this materials, they can be very useful!

Some scaffolding…Classroom Language

To encourage students to speak only in English in the classroom, make sure they know simple transactional phrases that they can use to manage their interaction. Often these phrases come so naturally in the native language that it’s difficult to break the habit. To help everyone learn and remember this, make a list of these phrases on the board (or put them on a poster for the classroom) and add additional similar phrases as the need arises.


Using digital technologies to promote inclusive practices in education

Dr Leila Walker, Futurelab, with Ann Logan, education consultant

Introduction to inclusive education

In Section 1, we are reminded of the historical events that have led to the movement for inclusive education and practices in today’s education system. We explain what is meant by the term ‘inclusive education’, how it relates to special educational needs, and the significance of the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF)/Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS) personalisation agenda. We further discuss what the perceived benefits of inclusive education are, and how these benefits have changed the learner demographic of mainstream schools.


International Conference: CLIL 2010 In pursuit of Excellence

Uncovering CLIL Quality by CLIL Practitioners
Evidencing CLIL Quality by CLIL Researchers

30 September 2010 – 2 October 2010
Eichstatt, Germany

Organized by Universities of Eichstatt (Germany) and Jyväskylä (Finland), in conjunction with CCN (Lifelong Learning Programme).

Call for Participation, please visit CLIL 2010 Conference at

The water cycle. 3rd Level

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