A Monkey’s tale

El proper dimecres 11 de novembre a la tarda, els nens i nenes de l’escola de CM i CS aniran a veure l’obra de teatre en anglès “A monkey’s tale”.


There’s always lots of fun at the zoo, the animals and the people who take care of the animals,
sing, dance and play games. And the animals are allowed to go on holiday to visit their families.
In the meantime Miss Carole realizes that having fun is good and she decides to change all her rules. Now
everyone at the zoo can sing, dance, play games and go on holiday again.
Susan the vet finds Cappuccino at the bus stop. Cappuccino tells Susan about the new rules at
the zoo – including no more holidays. Cappuccino tells Susan that he wants to go to Borneo and
Susan agrees to buy him a plane ticket. But then Susan finds out that Cappuccino has stolen the
money from Mr Jones and she says that he must go back to the zoo. Cappuccino begs Susan to
buy him the plane ticket and Susan says that she will see what she can do.
Cappuccino walks around the streets all day. He tries to talk to people but everyone is too busy to stop and
talk to him. He finds a bus stop and thinks the bus goes to Borneo.
Pingu, the penguin talks to Cappuccino. He says that Cappuccino should escape from the zoo and
go to Borneo. Cappuccino decides to escape, he steals Mr Jones’ keys and opens the cage. Just
before he leaves the zoo, Cappuccino steals money from Mr Jones.
Then Miss Carole arrives at the zoo – she is the new zoo director. She has new rules for the zoo that
stop all the fun activities. Everyone feels sad, especially Cappuccino who wants to go on holiday and
see his family.
There are activities every day: at 9 o’clock there’s Breakfast with Cappuccino, at 10 o’clock its
the Recycling Game and at 11 o’clock, there is the Orangutan Quiz. There is a singing
competition at 12 o’clock.
Susan telephones Mr Jones at the zoo and Mr Jones rushes to see Cappuccino with the news. At
the bus stop, Susan and Mr Jones talk to Cappuccino about what he should do. Should he go
back to the zoo or go on holiday?