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Irregular verbs: Spellmaster 4 (6th grade)


Hi 6th grade students ! 

You can play this game to study irregular verbs ! Click on the image and click on the correct letters to write the past simple of each verb.

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: My score is ______ points.


Matching Irregular verbs 4 (6th grade)


Hi 6th grade children ! Another matching game about Irregular verbs in the past and in the present ! You can play in pairs at home !

Click on the image to play ! Tell me in a comment how many points did you get

Ex: Player 1 and Player 2 points

Remember to study for Monday’s Exam (Irregular verbs 1-70).


Britain’s got singers 2011 (5th & 6th grade)


Hi 5th grade & 6th grade boys and girls !

I hope you will continue preparing our song for the spring concert tomorrow. Now, we have got video homework !

Have a look at some of the contestants of Britain’s got Talent ! Do you think that they are able to sing?

Write in a comment some words you can listen about the auditions !

Ex: In Video 1 I heard …

In Video 2 I heard…

Michael Collings


Edward Reid


Speak up! (2nd grade)


Hello 2nd grade students! Unit 4 is about weather. Here you can listen to a story about animals and weather provided by Eltkorea. You will see giraffes, tigers, elephants…

Click on the image. Read, listen and have fun! See you in class!

Speak up

Story: The weather chart (2nd grade)


Hello 2nd grade children ! Let’s listen to a story about Weather conditions. These boys and girls are at school talking about weather. Pay attention to their clothes… they change if it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy…

Click on the image to watch it. See you in class !


Time for school (2nd grade)


Hello 2nd grade pupils! Can you help them now to go to school? Match the words with the pictures !


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