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Dictation Unit 4 (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade students! Prepare the DICTATION about the moon for Friday 1st of April.

Try to do your best ! Remember to write your results through a comment in the Blog.

Ex: I’ve got ____ mistakes.


Let’s find out about the moon

“The moon moves around the Earth. It takes twenty-eight days.

On day one, we can see a little bit of the moon.

On day seven, we can see half of the moon.

On day fourteen, we can see the whole moon.

On day twenty-one, we can see half of the moon again.”

Addition and Substration (3rd grade)


Hi 3rd grade students! Last Friday we were practising addition (+) and substration (-)… now it’s time to do an online activity.

You can play this game again at home ! Click on the image and enjoy !

See you on Monday !

Ex: I got ____ correct in level ____ .


Body Wordsearch (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! Let’s try this game ! Find the different parts of the body in the wordsearch !

Click on the image and then on each letter to solve it! It’s very easy !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I found _____ words.


Present continuous Quiz (5th grade)


Hi, 5th grade pupils !

Can you solve these 8 questions about Present Continuous correctly?

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I’ve got _____ answers correct.


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