A monkey, a coconut, a hunter



A monkey is at the top of a very tall coconut tree. It’s holding a coconut in its hand. There’s a hunter standing at a good distance from the tree, and he’s directing his gun at the monkey. At exactly the same time as the hunter fires his gun, the monkey drops the coconut. The coconut falls straight down, but the monkey stays in the tree and doesn’t move.

Will the hunter kill the monkey? Will he hit the coconut? Or won’t he hit anything? What do you think will happen?

  • Maybe he’ll hit…
  • I think he’ll hit…
  • I don’t think he’ll hit…

Have they finished the living room yet?

Have they finished the living room yet?
Look at how this room has changed!
You’re staying at your friend Homer’s house in London, but he’s gone to China on business. While he’s been away, an interior design company has redecorated his living room. You’ve just received this email. Write your reply to Homer.
"They’ve painted…" / "They haven’t painted…"
At 00:03 GMT+1
TO: Roser Cases rosercases@youwho.com
FROM: Homer S. Castle hscastle@trotterimports.com
Dear Roser,
Thanks a lot for looking after everything. I’m sorry, but I can’t come back yet, in fact I need to stay in Beijing for another week. Things are going much too slowly, and I haven’t signed any contracts yet! Anyway, I hope you’re having a good holiday. You’ve already visited Buckingham Palace, haven’t you? So you could go and visit Windsor Castle by train.
Have they finished decorating the living room yet? I’m sending you a list of the changes I wanted. Have they done everything? Please could you do me a big favour and write back to tell me?
By the way, what colour would you prefer for a teapot? Sorry to ruin the surprise, but I think you wanted one to match your kitchen walls, didn’t you? I’ve just bought you a blue one, but I’ll get another one in a different colour, no problem!
So, here’s that list:
  1. Paint the walls blue.
  2. Cover the sofa with white cotton covers.
  3. Cover the footrest with blue cotton covers.
  4. Buy a backgammon set and put it on the footrest.
  5. Keep the yellow curtains.
  6. Put a very small basket next to the fire (for firewood).
  7. Put a comfortable chair next to the fire.
  8. Hang a picture of happy young ladies above the fireplace.
  9. Buy a table to go next to the sofa (any Eastern style is OK).
  10. Sell that horrible abstract painting which is in the corner between the windows.
  11. Install a TV in the same corner!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you – I just hope everything’s fine!
Thanks a million,
PS. If they’ve already sent the bill, how much is it?