Bournemouth Video

The outcome of the Project Yummy is a video where the cooks from the restaurant Yummy talk about their experiences in Bournemouth.

The video is introduced by the two presenters of the restaurant Yummy. First of all, the video gives general information about Bournemouth (location, climate, economy, things to do and Bournemouth in British Literature). Then, it summarizes the experiences of the cooks of Yummy at Bournemouth Collegiate School -where they conducted two surveys about eating and exercise habits- and at Flavours School of Cookery – where they learned how to make British Dishes. After that, it presents the results of the interviews to a group of three teachers about their knowledge of the Mediterranean Diet and to a group to teenagers of different nationalities about their eating habits in Bournemouth. Finally, the
video summarizes the results of all the surveys and learning activities.

So, do you think that the cooks from Yummy will open a new restaurant in Bournemouth? What the video and find it out!!!


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