YUMMY – Bournemouth

Are the eating habits of the teenagers at Tona Institute similar to those of the teenagers in the UK? Do we eat the same for breakfast? What about for dinner? Do they know about the Mediterranean Diet? These are the questions that the students answered in the second part of the project Yummy.

The second part of the project Yummy took place in Bournemouth – a small town in the South of England – from the 2nd to the 15th of October, 2011. We decided to go to Bournemouth because there is an important cooking school “Flavours School of Cookery” where the students learnt about British recipes.

Before travelling, the students did some pre-trip activities (about 2 sessions) in Tona in September. The first activity consisted of a webquest called “Going to Bournemouth” where students learnt about some basic facts of this city: situation, population, sightseeing activities and so on. Then, some reading and speaking exercises provided general information about food in the UK.

In Bournemouth the activities focused on learning first-hand about the eating habits in the UK. Firstly, the students kept a diary for a week about their eating habits in the foreign county. Secondly, the students conducted two surveys (Eating and Exercise habits) to a group of students from a High School in Bournemouth “Bournemouth Collegiate School”. The students compared these results with the results from the Catalan surveys and then wrote about the different eating and exercise habits. Furthermore, the students attended a session on “British Food” at the food academy “Flavours School of Cookery” where the students learnt how to make some typical British dishes. Apart from doing all these activities for the project, the students took some general English classes at ETC International College in the mornings. The objective of these classes was to improve their English level and communicative skills.

At the end of their experience in Bournemouth, the students prepared a video summarizing their stay in Bournemouth and giving all the facts needed in order to answer the question behind the project Yummy: do our students really eat healthy? Do students in Tona eat healthier than students in Bournemouth?

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