“Healthy eating” or “a balanced diet” are buzzwords that are commonplace nowadays. We all know that we have to eat a variety of different foods. But, do our students really eat healthy?

This question is the underlying idea of Yummy, a project of a group of 24 students of 3rd year of ESO at IES Tona in 2010. Yummy represents a challenge to these young learners to use the English language in a new and different context and to use a new methodology: project work. The main aim of the project is to investigate about the eating and exercise habits of the teenagers at IES Tona and to compare these habits with the habits of the students in the UK. With this project the students become aware of the importance of having a breakfast and a balanced diet. They find out first-hand about the differences in the eating habits between two different cultures (Catalan and British) and reflect on their own behavior towards nutrition.

The design of this project integrates four important aspects. The first aspect is that it is a collaborative project. Most of the activities are based on collaborative team work which requires negotiation, problem solving and other interpersonal skills. The second aspect is the usage of information and communication technologies as a means of instruction. Students have to look for information and present the results of their project by using new technologies. Thirdly, although the project is based on a science theme of this stage (nutrition), it also incorporates activities related to other subjects and integrates all the main competences. And finally, the project includes activities that require different skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

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