Day 10

Wednesday, 19th October, 2011

Good evening!

We have just arrived home from Southampton and it is a little bit raining! It’s the first day of rain in England, unbelievable!!!

We finished morning lessons a little bit earlier as usual because we went to Southampton. Southampton isn’t far from Bournemouth we went there to spend our last pounds!!!We visited a shopping centre, it was enormous, the biggest one in the area. There were lots of shops but the one we were interested in was a sports shop. It was plenty of t-shirts from different football teams all over the world. We bought a pair of them.

When we arrived in Bournemouth we went to the beach to film the last part of our project, everybody was excited because we had to record a scene with everybody in. Fortunately, we succeeded.

After that, we rode in Bournemoth’s merry-go-round, it was very funny!!!and to finish with the “rainy” day we visited KFC again.

See you

Eric Cortés and Guillem Escartín




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