YUMMY – Restaurant

The restaurant Yummy: the web site (www.wix.com/iestonaidiomes/yummy)

The best way to present all the results of the project was in a restaurant setting where the menu of the restaurant (Yummy, of course) would present all the experiences of this project.

One of the first pages of this menu “On the News” takes you to the restaurant Yummy where two presenters introduce you to a special edition of Tona News. This program which is about eating and exercise habits starts with some experts introducing some concepts about nutrition and exercise. Then, a group of market analysts present the surveys (including results and conclusion) performed to the students of IES Tona. The program also has the participation of a group of well-known cooks that give us details on how to prepare some healthy recipes. These cooks were filmed at Escola d’Hostaleria d’Osona, a vocational training school which depends on IES Tona.

And finally, we get to listen to the music of the restaurant Yummy which provides a special atmosphere to the eating experience.

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