YUMMY – Tona

Do the students at IES Tona have a healthy diet? This is the hypothesis of the project Yummy and the underlying idea behind all the activities included in this project.

The first part of the project included a group of activities to provide background information to the students on the topics of food, nutrition and exercise. These activities required different skills and many of them were internet-based.

The second part of the project consisted of two surveys which were designed by the students to find out about the eating and exercise habits of the students at IES Tona. The surveys were conducted to all the students at IES Tona. The students of the project Yummy went to all the classrooms and said the questions out loud. They had cardboards with the different options for each question and had to take notes of the answers provided by the students. This information was analyzed and summarized in the form of pie charts.  The third part of the project was about the Mediterranean Diet and it also consisted of a survey. This survey, though, was conducted to parents and relatives. This way, they involved the families in the project.

In addition to all these activities, a group of students also prepared some recipes and put together a song related to the topic of food, nutrition and exercise.

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